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New Horizons

Yaima graduated from Erie in 2016. Her time in high school was full of self discovery and growth, however she did not imagine graduating from Golder College Prep during a pandemic, or experiencing her freshman year at Lake Forrest College through Zoom in 2020. She has embraced this unexpected season as a learning experience and continues to welcome new challenges.  

    “I remember being very shy as a freshman in high school. Being an introvert for most of my high school life, I had a difficult time figuring out my own interests. Junior year I learned I really enjoyed softball and decided to play for the Humboldt Park league.  Although I was not the best player, joining this team shaped some of my best memories. In addition to playing softball, I decided to seek job opportunities to help me continue to build my character and form new relationships. My first job was at Lincoln Park Zoo where I was a photographer. I ended up really enjoying taking photos. Now I even do photoshoots during my free time, just for fun! I also made lasting friendships with my coworkers. I’d like to encourage young students to always find new ways to challenge yourself, and put yourself out there. New experiences will help you discover yourself, your interests, and open new opportunities.

        “Although I’m experiencing my freshman year of college through Zoom, I can assure you I was still nervous on the first day of school. Throughout this time I've learned a lot about time management  and managing work life balance. There  have also been upsides to having my first semester on Zoom! I’ve met so many people without stepping foot on campus and I look forward to meeting them in person when the campus opens this Spring! I am excited about joining a Latinx group named Unidas at my school that supports Latinx students to better express themselves and become accustomed to college life. I believe it is so important to make connections, embrace change, and find new ways to grow, especially in the season we are living in.

Yaima’s teachers fondly remember her as a compassionate, responsible and respectful student. We are so proud of her accomplishments and know she will continue to soar to new heights.

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