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Great Things Take Time

Nathalia’s connection to our school has taken many forms throughout the years. She forms part of the founding Class of 2013, joined the Erie team last year as our Lunchroom Supervisor, has been an after school program provider for Erie students, and is the oldest sibling of one of our beloved families. After graduating from Erie, Nathalia attended Golder College Prep, and is currently a Senior at National Louis University. 

    She shares: “The transition from Erie to high school was not very challenging for me. I learned about different high school opportunities at Erie and took the time to make informed decisions on schools that worked best for me. I researched and chose Golder College Prep. I recommend putting time and effort in researching schools and finding which ones work best for you- whether it’s looking at fun activities like sports, the uniform policy, or the classes available, think about what works best for you. I also recommend taking advantage of resources available to you- ask questions and ask for help when needed.” 

    “My time at Golder flew by, and before I knew it I was applying to universities. While it took me some time to identify my major, which is okay believe it or not, I knew I needed a strong community to thrive. National Louis has provided me with community, support, and many resources to help me identify my major, find work experiences, and take steps to succeed beyond college. I’d like to encourage all students to give themselves the time to make informed decisions and to take advantage of resources available in their networks! This way not only do you feel confident about your choices, but have necessary supports along the way. There is no time limit to achieve your goals.

Nathalia’s teachers remember her as being thoughtful, hardworking, and kind. It has been a privilege to have her form a special part of our school community in different ways, and we are proud to call her an Erie Alumni.

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Nathalia's connection to Erie has taken many forms throughout the years.

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