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Adapting to Change

Eliza is part of the Class of 2019. While she is the 4th in her family to graduate from Erie, she is the first of her family to attend an all girls private school, Josephinum Academy. She shares about her unique experience as a freshman in high school amid the start of a pandemic, and now as a sophomore:

        “I imagined high school to be the beginning of feeling and being independent. My plans included learning everything there is to know about driving, playing on the softball team, and memorizing my lines in the school play so I wouldn’t forget them on stage. While my freshman experience wasn’t exactly like that, I did enjoy joining Art Club, participating in all of the fun high school events like spirit week & school dances, and experiencing the rush of getting lost during passing periods and completing homework during  lunch. I also enjoyed my newfound independence of walking to Erie after school to meet my siblings and volunteer in the after school program with Erie’s Kinder-4th grade students.”   

    “Everything changed in the Spring. Everything was cancelled. My projects and homework assignments weren’t cancelled, but in-class learning and the experience of being a freshman at Josephinum completely changed. Although digital learning has been a totally different experience, I can see the growth I’ve made. I am more comfortable in reading and responding to teacher emails, and I am not so nervous when participating in class. There are also things that haven’t changed- I hate being tardy to class and missing assignments. I’m also still magically losing my pencil in between class periods. Although high school isn’t exactly how I envisioned it to be I am still a sophomore and have plenty left to experience. I’m making the best out of it!”

Eliza is remembered for her invaluable contributions in and out of the classroom, her warm demeanor, and for being an exceptional leader. We know this is only the beginning of her success!

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