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Destination: College

Leslie formed part of our first graduating class at Erie Elementary in 2013, and she is now a sophomore at DePaul University in Chicago. “I participated in different activities in high school including basketball, STEM, and Summer of a lifetime that helped me discover new interests and develop new skills that continue to enrich my life professionally and personally."

"I took 4 years of Public Speaking at Rauner College Prep, and I discovered I was actually really good at talking to people. Through this course combined with my experience at Michigan State University through their Summer of a Lifetime program, I learned the importance of self confidence and networking. I discovered that people are willing to support you when they know your story."

Erie Elementary Graduating Class of 2013

"Upon getting accepted to DePaul University, I was ready to start making connections and met with a lady during a networking event. I shared my interests and major with her and a few months later she remembered me and referred me to the job I’ve had for over a year now! Looking back I can say that by trying new things in high school, and pushing myself in areas that were out of my comfort zone, I not only developed new skills that have helped me in my educational path and my career, but also helped me discover things about myself."

"I recommend taking on new opportunities in high school and college, and being open to people and experiences. By doing so you realize just how big the world is, and the opportunities that can lie ahead.” Leslie’s Erie Elementary teachers fondly remember her as a persistent, strong, and hardworking student. We are proud to call her an Erie Alumni.

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