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Alumni in the Arts

Melanie (graduating class of 2017) has thoroughly enjoyed her time at ChiArts. “My favorite experience in high school so far has been participating in 4 main stage productions. Seeing the amount of people in the audience is overwhelming, but in a good way."

"It’s exhilarating and encouraging seeing so many people supporting your work. The program at ChiArts is unique and not really offered at other high schools. I’m happy to be a student here!”

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Adapting to Change

Eliza, a current sophomore, like her sisters, is the embodiment of Heart, Mind and Work.

New Horizons

Yaima started her first year of college on Zoom and sees it as an opportunity to embrace change.

Great Things Take Time

Nathalia's connection to Erie has taken many forms throughout the years.

Erie Eagles to Educators

Alumni Julissa will be graduating from Butler University in 2021.