News From the Principal's Office

    Happy New Year! I hope your 2015 is off to a great start despite the recent cold front. It's going to be a busy rest of the year for us as we continue to move through our charter renewal process and gear up for a new state standardized test. EECS holds a contract with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to operate as a charter school and that contract must be renewed every 5 years. We last renewed our contract in 2010. We will keep everyone updated on that process as we hear from CPS. One of the areas that CPS holds us accountable for is our academic performance. You may have recently heard that CPS released all performance ratings for schools in early December. If you look on the CPS website, you will find Erie's rating. Unfortunately, we took a few steps backwards in our performance this year and have been rated a Level 2 school. As the leader of Erie, I know that we can do better and are expected to do better. Our school was measured primarily on how students performed on the MAP (measures of academic progress) test.

   The rating took into account both performance (if students were on "grade level") and students' growth from spring 2013 to spring 2014.  We are well underway in making adjustments to our instruction to better meet the new Common Core standards as well as finding ways to support students to do better on the MAP test.  I am fully confident that we are in a great place to tackle the challenges this opportunity has presented us with and that we will raise our rating for next school year.  On January 28th, I will be holding a parent meeting to review our current performance rating from CPS, discuss standardized testing, and to answer any questions you might have; ALL PARENTS SHOULD PLAN TO ATTEND.

We have had a transition in our administrative office here at Erie; Ms. Alex Montgomery, our Director of School Operations and Management has recently moved on from her position.  We have hired Mr. Kevin Hooper to take on this role, he started December 1st, and we are so excited to have him on board!  He comes to us from the field of teaching but had prior experience in the world of finance.  He will continue the work that Ms. Montogmery took on in finance, human resources, and facilities. Please help us welcome him to our team!