News From the Principal's Office

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Erie Elementary Charter School!

If your child is returning to Erie Elementary Charter School, welcome back! If you are a parent of a child entering our school for the first time, thank you for choosing our school.  I know you will find Erie’s academic program and school culture a great place to help your child learn and grow.

Our school follows Responsive Classroom as our main approach to education. We strive to teach students a set of social emotional competencies called CARES (Cooperation, Assertiveness, Responsibility, Empathy and Self-Control) that create a fair, positive and respectful school environment.  We combine CARES with the Habits of Heart, Work and Mind to educated the whole child and provide a positive school culture for every child.

We are happy that you have chosen EECS because that tells us that you believe in the kind of teaching and learning that happens here.  When parents and the school are on the same page about the school culture, discipline, teaching strategies and curriculum, children understand that and can concentrate on their work.  

By working together in the best interest of the child, we—the school and you, the parent can help your child become and remain a curious, confident, self-disciplined and happy learner.

Together with the roster of excellent teachers and staff who create the excellent educational environment that is EECS, I extend good wishes to all of you parents and families. 

Let’s have a wonderful year!

Hugo Campuzano