Join the Parent Leadership Council!

At EECS we recognize that parents are the most important educators of our children. Parents teach children about the world, how to learn and grow. We encourage all parents to be involved with school activities, homework and the day-to-day experience of their children at EECS.

Research indicates that children whose parents are actively involved in their education  get higher grades, have better school behavior, lower school absenteeism and have more positive attitudes toward school.

The PLC meets periodically throughout the school year to discuss issues, plan fundraising activities, hold special workshops and provide information about the activities at the school. The PLC is open to all parents of EECS students.

Remember, parents: Your attendance is important. Your suggestions are needed and your opinions matter.

For more information about the PLC or if you have any questions, please contact Parent Coordinator Annie Matyi at (773) 486-7161 or

PLC Officers

PLC Facilitator/Board Rep.: Janette Alvarez

Co-Facilitator: Susana Martinez

Parent Liaison: Annie Matyi