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    "Helping improve public education for the children in our economically disadvantaged communities is the most important thing we can do. With their independence and non-selective enrollment, charter schools offer a wonderful opportunity to leverage priviate giving with limited public funding. EECS' first four year performance certainly shows we have taken advantage of the opportunity and merits our support."

    -Kenneth V. Perkins, EECS Board Member

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    "The principal is very nice and she helps us with problems that we have and tells us ways that we can keep our school clean. The teachers help us learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge. They fill our heads with thought that helps us understand the subject. I like Spanish because it will help us to prepare for the challenges and goals that we will have in college and in our careers."

    Brandon L., EECS Student

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    "Children need to feel safe to take the risks that bring learning. EECS creates classroom communities where trusting relationships have time to take hold and the children can thrive."

    Rebeca Itzkowich, Erikson Institute

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    "I like Erie Elementary Charter School because we have Spanish, we learn different things every day, we respect the teachers and students, and we have a class called PATHS to learn about solving problems."

    Marisa K., EECS Student

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    "I have been a student at Erie Elementary Charter School for three years. I really like the celebrations we have because we get to sing and dance. At my school we get to have lots of field trips. We have assemblies at the end of the month  to learn about students who are good workers, good thinkers and good friends. I think that my school is really cool because our families choose to bring us here."

    Abagail SL., EECS Student