Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get into EECS?

You must fill out an application. You can come into the office and get an application, or print one off our website and mail it or fax it in.

After the application deadline, if we have more applicants than we have available slots, we will then have a public lottery. Names are randomly selected until all slots are full. If you are selected, your children will be eligible to enroll at EECS. If you are not selected at the lottery, you will be placed on a waiting list. If families that were selected choose not to enroll, then families from the waiting list will be called to fill available slots.

Q: What kinds of special programs do you have?

We offer music education to all EECS students, including a choir that practices before school. We also offer an after school visual arts class, taught by a visiting artist. Our after school program includes clubs (like sports club) and other fun activities.

We also have an after school Judo program that is run by the Tokhon Judo Academy.  The program takes place at the school in 8 week increments, 2 times a week.

Q: Do you have an after school program?

Yes. We have an onsite afterschool program run by Erie Neighborhood House.  The program has a separate enrollment process, but is open to all students of Erie Elementary Charter School. The program runs from 3:30 PM to 6 PM on school days from Monday through Friday (2 PM to 6PM on Wednesdays), and 7:30am to 5:50pm on all non-school days, including summer vacation.  If you are interested in this program, please contact Evelyn Corona at 312-432-2218.

Q: How many students in a classroom?

EECS has a 10:1 student-teacher ratio. The maximum amount of students in a classroom is 24.

Q: Do you have a uniform?

Yes. We have a formal uniform and a gym uniform.  Uniforms are purchased through the school during uniform sales days.  Students must wear the proper uniform every day.  If students come to school with the proper uniform each day, they will earn a free dress day at the end of each month.  Please see the parent handbook for full uniform details.

Q: Is there a fee to attend EECS?

Yes. If you have one child at EECS the school fee is $75; if you have more than one child at EECS the school fee is $135. The fee is paid at enrollment.  This fee goes toward our general operating budget and is used to pay for classroom supplies, field trips, and other school activities.  There is also a $200 fundraising commitment that we ask of families.  There are at least 5 fundraisers during the school year to help raise the commitment.

Q: How long is the school day?

School begins at 8:00am and dismissal is at 3:30pm, except for Wednesday's when dismissal is at 2:00pm (the after school program opens early on early dismissal days).  Breakfast is served at 7:30am for any student wishing to eat breakfast at school.  If students do not eat breakfast, they can arrive at 7:50am.

Q: Where can I see the EECS State Report Card?

Click here to be transfered to the Illinois State Board of Education website. On the site, you will have to enter "Erie Elem Charter School" to see the results. (Available in English and Spanish.)